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• Optimal support of the data management process*
• Open for future requirements
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  *Fraunhofer FIT "Life Science Studie: Ein Viertel der Arbeitszeit für Datenverwaltung"

Data management
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Research Data Management
  • Do you also generate more and more data?
  • Do you like to have your data available by a few mouse clicks, either as raw data, as analyzed data, as diagrams or as clear and consistent reports?
  • Do you like to establish standards in your team to make sure that the same is named the same, that parameters are measured and named consistently and to be certain that sufficient meta data are available to make data self-explanatory?
Data are products of your research projects, that you have promoted with much initiative and financial resources. Consolidate your data to allow for a sustainable and transparent use and exploitation of your data. We have the know-how and the right software to support you in your research data management at its best. Research@KE has implemented the FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable).
Research@KE is a data management system, which integrates data in a structured way and therefore creates sustainable access to digitized data. Complete analysis workflows or reporting pipelines can be integrated in the system. This way a standardized analysis with automated integration of analyzed data as well as the logging of the analysis process is possible. All collected data are accessible to sustainably use them. Data can be easily understood by third parties – a prerequisite to create synergies and added value.

Research@KE harbors a basic data model, which can be adapted to different research domains. A standard set of data visualization and analysis functionalities allows for a fast overview on integrated data. Any analysis and visualization functionalities can be adapted according to user requirements. The structure of the menu can be customized and functionalities can be newly arranged to match the internal working processes. Standards can be managed in user specific libraries and integrated dictionaries.

Reserach@KE can be used free of charge by universities.

We offer
  • extension and adaptation of the Research@KE data model to fit your requirements
  • support in integrating your (historical) data
  • support in the development and implementation of your "use cases"
  • integration of your analysis-, visualization- and reporting functionalities in Research@KE
  • implementation of your standard processes
  • implementation and introduction of the software "Research@KE" at your institution by software trainings and by offering customized support
  • taking care of the research data management for your projects
Breed@KE is a user-friendly data management system for plant breeding. It organizes field test data, phenotypic data, marker data and pedigree information for optimal use for the breeding process. Breed@KE automates data imports and exports, supports selecting and filtering data, creates lists, visualizes and generates reports and allows the connection of external analysis tools.

Quality advantage
  • Automation and validation of workflows
  • Optimal integration of all data of the breeding process
  • FAIR-principles (findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable) are implemented in the software

Time and cost advantage
  • Supports quick decisions− rapid availability and clear presentation of the data
  • Transparency − minimizing mistakes
  • Efficiency − easy to use and fast familiarization
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Overview (pdf)

Breed@KE was developed with and for plant breeders and is constantly evolving. Cutting edge technologies allow for an efficient enhancement of the software and quick adaptation to your specific user requirements.
The idea of ​​Breed @ KE grew out of our experience in science and industry.
“Convenient and sustainable use of complex and vast amounts of data.”

The strengh of Dr. Svenja Diehl is the moderation between users and developers for an efficient implementation of user requirements and user ideas into software. As a PhD in biology, she has established the primary plant database GABI at the Resource Center for Genome Research. She was working at the Philip Morris Research Laboratories GmbH as the head of the bioinformatics team and was responsible for the integration, analysis and interpretation of various data. For all customer questions and requests, she is the first contact for Kenomx.
Efficient implementation of complex data and processes in application-oriented software is the subject of Rico Basekow since studying computer science at the TU Berlin. In the Resource Center for Genome Research, the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology and the German Seed Alliance GmbH he gained relevant experience in the areas of plant research and breeding. In Kenomx he leads the technical development of Breed@KE.
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